LIM College SP16-SU24

We are pleased to offer you a convenient, online method to pay through ‚ÄčNelnet for LIM College.

Simple Steps to Enroll in a Payment Plan 

For the Student

1. If you are a New Nelnet User please select “Create a username & password” to begin. 
Returning Users, Sign In with your Username or email and Password
2. Click on the Set Up a Payment Plan link 
3. Select the appropriate term
***To Use Your Own Financial Account click Begin 
***To Use a Financial Account other than your own click on 'Want to designate another payer?'
4. Complete the steps as prompted

For Person Other than the Student 

1. The Student will need to designate you as an Authorized Payer following the steps above
2. Once this is complete an email will be generated with a link to log into the system
3. From there you can complete a payment plan or make a payment on the student's behalf

Enrolling in a Nelnet tuition payment plan allows you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs.


Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.