Temple University Pre-Payment Payment Plans

Temple University offers an interest-free pre-payment plan administered on behalf of the University by Nelnet Campus Commerce known as TIPP.  TIPP is an annual plan that allows Temple students to make up to ten regularly scheduled monthly payments starting in May towards their future charges (five payments for fall and five payments for spring).

Students can finance all or a portion of their charges by electing the amount they wish to setup on TIPP. TIPP payments are made directly to Nelnet. The available payment methods are electronic check (ACH) or credit card and are auto debit (automatically scheduled to post on the 16th of each month).  Credit card payments are subject to a convenience fee of 2.75%.

The non-refundable payment plan fee amount for TIPP is $80 to enroll in this annual payment plan.

Before getting started you will need:

TUid number – a nine digit number beginning with “9” that is located on your Temple ID card.

Amount Due – the estimated amount that you will owe out of pocket for the academic year. Go to Temple University’s Tuition Calculator at https://bursar.temple.edu/tuition-and-fees/tuition-rates.  Answer the questions to calculate tuition, fees, room and board, then enter your financial aid and payments for the year. The difference will be your estimated balance due. Be sure to review your calculations and add 3-5% to the final number for the potential tuition increase.

For the Student:

  1. If you are a New Nelnet Campus Commerce User please select “Create a username & password” to begin.

Returning Users, Sign In with your Username or email and Password.

  1. Click on the Set Up a Payment Plan link.
  2. Select the appropriate term.

      ***To Use Your Own Financial Account click Begin.

      ***To Use a Financial Account other than your own click on 'Want to designate another payer?'

  1. Complete the steps as prompted.

For Person Other than the Student:

  1. The Student will need to designate you as a Payment Plan Participant following the steps above.
  2. Once this is complete an email will be generated with a link to log into the system.
  3. From there you can complete a payment plan or make a payment on the student's behalf.

Enrolling in a Nelnet Campus Commerce tuition payment plan allows you to select a payment option that best suits your financial needs.

Having difficulties? Check our FAQs.